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Artisan baked bread, Crackers, Hummus, Cured meats, Three types of cheese, Pork Pie, Soft fruits, Nuts, Olives, Gherkins.

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Freshly baked bread Crackers, Hummus (two flavours), Cheese (three flavours), Soft fruits, Falafel, Nuts, Olives, Gherkins.

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#SmokeandSpiceFor those who enjoy the spicy things in life, our Smoke and Spice grazer is ideal. A selection of spiced cured meats, smoked and spicy cheese, carrot pickle, Bombay mix, cracked black pepper crackers, sweet chilli rice crackers, marinated red peppers, juicy grapes, soft fruits and a single chili Allergens - please check our allergen matrix here

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Artisan bread, Caramel waffles, Croissant, Pain au chocolat, Deli meats, Cheese three types, Soft fruits, Grapes, Nuts.

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#MoorlandsVegan Vegan bread, Vegan crackers, Hummus (two flavours), Vegan Cheese, Vegan meat substitute, Soft fruits, Falafel, Tofu, Nuts,  Olives, Gherkins.

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Give the gift of grazing......

Give the gift of grazing to your loved ones with the Moorlands Graze Gift Card, offering a quality gift with the joy of choice.

Our gift card offers an excellent option for the recipient to decide which board they would like to order, from our classic most popular #moorlandsgrazer to our limited edition #SmokeandSpice.

*Gift cards are redeemable for 12 months from the day of purchase. See Terms of Service for more information.

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Creators of lavish Grazebaords


Wow!!!! What a feast! Thank you so much for the amazing Grazeboards we had last night for our get together. Everything was delicious, so fresh and beautifully presented. We ordered 3 boards, and they served 7 of us... with lots left over!!! Much better than a takeaway. Absolutely divine - cant wait for next time i can order!

Laura Mitchell - Facebook

We ordered a brunch board to be delivered today. We were very impressed with the communication, customer service and delivery. The board itself was beautifully wrapped and presented and the food was delicious. A really nice mixture of deli meats, cheeses, fruits and pastry. A pot of coffee on the side and the meal was complete. Thank you all very much, highly recommend!

Stacey Keates - Facebook

Scrummy Saturday lunch time treat at home from @moorlandsgraze, plenty for the two of us with big appetites, and possibly some for little Hattie hen she wakes. Highly recommend.

Becky Dunne - Instagram